Welcome 2020, New Year, New Decade.

I know I’m a few days late, but this Wednesday holiday business was just nutty, and for some reason, I feel like the New Year officially begins after this weekend, on Monday.

My last email/post was asking if anyone was listening. Thanks for the replies and the vote of confidence. I now have multiple drafts sitting in a virtual pile from a variety of topics. Beware the Award Winning Key Lime Pie! Key Lime is an Ingredient, Not a Style. It’s All About the Juice!. But rants about the sorry state of the Key lime products and shoddy standards for what the marketplace offers as “authentic” pies will have to wait. Writer’s block on those subjects is allowed, but I feel a New Years’ wish to everyone is deemed compulsatory.

The passing of another decade and our entering our 25th year: this one seems to weigh a little heavier. 2020 (20/20) can’t help but bring up the suggestion of good vision. Ironically, so many aspects of our future are out of our sight, and our control. But Victoria and I have decided to put our efforts into getting the shipping together, this year. From afar, it might seem like such a simple thing to do. Even close-up it does, but the devil is in the details.

We’re actively seeking some professional help to pull all the loose ends together on the web-end of things; WordPress, Woo-Commerce, ShipStation, etc if anyone has any recommendations. We feel pretty confident in the pie-end of things. That’s the short of it.

The first round will be test-shipments offered at a reasonable discount, and those will be offered to or most loyal email followers. MailChimp is kind enough to keep track of these things.

We noticed that a major dessert/food “reseller” has placed a Google Ad above search results for our business. I warn you: of all their choices of key lime pie you can purchase, none meet the standards which have put us on the map. None! My motivation for writing my previously mentioned drafts is precisely this. We’ve turned down offers in the past to join the pool of key lime mediocrity: no thank you. But this is also what motivates us to make this current push in our shipping capacity.

In closing, on behalf of Victoria, Derek, and myself, we do wish everyone well in the new year. And Jordan in California, thanks for the nudge to get this out.

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