Order Online

Coming in 2021

Our talented team of web developers at Hidden Gears is putting our storefront together, while Steve and Victoria work on the front end. We highly suggest that you sign-up for our mailing list, as we will be offering to ship first to those on the list, and by date signed-up.  After that, we will offer to ship to our Facebook followers, then we will open the store to the general public.

Steve is fond of using the term “in a perfect world,” and while we committed ourselves to make shipping happen in 2020 —initially aiming for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and here we are in the new year—  voicing intent isn’t quite enough to make things happen. Perfect world it isn’t.

On the upside, our test shipment of 10-inch pies was spot-on. Each shipment was delivered in pristine condition, we couldn’t have been more delighted, as were the recipients. Swingles? Thats another story.

Still tweaking things, hang in there.