Key Lime Pie Shipping: Order Online

The Slow Roll


We’re pleased to announce our partnering with Superior Dishes to accommodate our shipping needs. While we’re still doing the work on our end (receiving the order, packing the pies, baking with love, etc.) Superior Dishes uses their aggressive shipping rates, allowing us to get our key lime pies to you with a little savings on overnight shipping.

Unlike other online food products, our pies are not stored in frozen warehouses. We bake a limited number of pies in anticipation of the shipping demands, resulting on freshly baked and flash frozen pies. Bottom line: availability is limited. If your order doesn’t make it when ordered, you’ll be first on the list for the following ship-date.

Please note: Superior Dishes notes a 3~12-day ship time, which has caused some confusion. All orders received Monday~Sunday (the entire week) will ship on the following  Monday for Tuesday delivery.  

Our 10-inch key lime pie.

Before you head to Superior Dishes ordering page, we want to preface things with a heads-up. The prices listed on Superior Dishes include all overnight shipping, packaging materials and pesky extra costs. By far, the shipping is the bulk of the costs, and in the end, their costs are below what we were able to negotiate with all of the shippers. Please keep this in mind, and we’ve even taken a cut from our profits to partner with Superior Dishes in order to bring these savings to you.

If you’d like to verify or specify your ship-date, please email Victoria, and please include a phone number.

All that being said, head on over and have a look. Once you’re done, please contact us regarding the experience; we’re interested in getting some feedback.

We highly suggest that you sign-up for our mailing list  so that when all those hidden-gears are meshed and operating as planned, you’ll get the heads-up. We also suggest following (or “liking?”) our Facebook page.

Steve, Victoria, and Team Keylime.