Local NYC Delivery

We’re pleased to announce a new relationship with GrubHub/Seamless, UberEats. If you are within their range, you should be able to order for a “seamless” experience. Our traditional key lime pies (8 and 10-inch) as well as our single-serve tarts, and a gluten-free version, also in 8 and 10-inch pies. Swingles (all varieties and a gluten-free version) are also available.

We’ve tried emphasizing to the delivery personnel the importance of handling; we’re insisting on cool bags and reminding them to keep the pies FLAT in transport. But you also have the option of ordering a frozen pie for a little added insurance. Please keep in mind, once out of our hands, we have no control. Also, remember the pies will serve well in a bowl if in fact they do arrive a little schmootzed-up.

If you’re not “in the zone” and still want a same-day deliveries, please feel to make courier, car service or other arrangements, however, we cannot be responsible for handling once our pies are handed over.

We also encourage you to sign up for our mailing list. WE have a team of talented developers putting together our web storefront and we anticipate offering next-day (frozen) delivery to a wide range of locals in the Tri-State (and beyond) area. .