Socially Awkward

Six Emotions, Take Your Pick.

Just a shout-out to family and friends (and foe alike) who might have noticed the absence of my persona on the Facebook. I have suspended my account, however, am still active on the business end of things.

I arrived at this decision for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost, I felt it was taking too much of a bite from my ability to focus and be productive. I initially joined Facebook for business reasons anyway, but eventually, I found that the platform (on a personal level) was kinda fun. I reconnected with many old friends and acquaintances from Miami, I was able to share moments in my life, and it became an ongoing chronicle for anything from what’s for dinner or sharing time on the road, to crisis and disappointment. It also allowed me to see into the lives of others as they cared to share. It was good while it lasted, and I will sincerely miss that connection with many of my “friends” on Facebook. But it’s time to close this chapter, at least for the time being.

We relaunched our website a little while back, and one of the sections included is the “blog” page, where this is being posted today. Anyone who has been following the growth of my business over the past 20+ years might remember a few iterations of attempts at blogging; The Pieman’s Journal, and Sam and Steve’s Rose Colored Glasses we’re just a few. It’s a place for business and product updates, but also a place for me to express some opinions and observations, not so much because I think what I have to say would be of interest to anyone, but more because I do enjoy writing.

So, if we had a “friend” relationship on Facebook, I’m still available to anyone who wishes to communicate with me. You can contact me via the business page, or just shoot me an email. Some of you might be getting a Facebook message from Victoria (for me) in the event I don’t have your contact information, and I need to communicate with you.

One last thing. I did discover that Facebook is listening to conversations, and was picking up keywords in my seemingly private communications. Just a little too creepy for me.


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