Key Lime Pie Serving Suggestions


First, we’ll explain why we ship and sell our pies naked. If you’ve ever whipped up fresh cream, you know it has a short lifespan before it becomes a puddle of cream. Below is a typical “whipped topping” concoction you should expect from the competition, not us. If you’ve received one of our frozen pies, please scroll down for unpacking and defrosting suggestions.


We can’t tell where this list of mystery ingredients starts and where it stops. We just know it ain’t natural. We put a lot of effort into using the best, freshest ingredients possible. For this reason, we refuse to top off our pies with any science-project brew of ingredients we’ve never heard of. We won’t eat it, nor will we serve it to you.






Fresh heavy cream, sweetened with your choice of sweetener (we use maple syrup), maybe a little vanilla extract, and that should suffice.Here’s an example of how we (and Peter Luger Steakhouse) do it. Lugers calls it schlag, we call it perfect.








Ratchet It Up!

Taking things to another level, we call this “The St. Regis Treatment,” which came about when the iconic St. Regis flagship hotel in Manhattan used our tarts for their banquets. The whipped cream, a fresh blackberry, a sprig of mint, and drizzled with raspberry puree. The same treatment can be applied to slices of our ten or 8-inch pies.  Just make sure you get it plated and served before the cream melts, like below (that’s on us).

The bottom line is, served naked or topped with whatever suits your fancy. There are no wrong choices; it’s your pie. Cheers!