Greetings Floridians

Greetings South Floridians

You’ve arrived at this page either because you’ve scanned one of our “Chief Muckety Muck’s” business cards, or possibly scanned a randomly placed QR-code somewhere. If you’d like to bypass this Florida specific information regarding ourĀ  One Seed at a Time initiative, please proceed to our official welcome page. Remember, Authenticity Matters.

Those following up on the One Seed initiative, you can find some historical background here on our pages, and please know we’ve resurrected our old standby, (definitely a work in progress) with the intention of developing a site devoted to the project. This project or idea has had many different lives, and we’re hoping that our new association with Pomona Groves allows us to take the next steps to see our vision bear fruit. Stick with us and patience please: we’re scatterbrained to begin with.