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Shipping FAQ

We've tried to optimize our work-load, which includes driving our orders to the shipper ourselves. We picked Wednesday in case the shipment is delayed one day, the pies will still arrive before the weekend and in most cases, still be fine for consumption. A weekend delay would render them unacceptable, even though they will not "spoil" but shouldn't be used.

Yes, but we'd have to charge an additional fee for the time needed. We would still recommend shipping before the weekend, and FedEx also has a provision for Saturday Delivery, which incurs yet an additional feel We suggest you stick withy the Wednesday delivery and keep the pie frozen until the day of serving. If you want to know more about an alternative shipping day, please email us here.

We've waffled on Swingle shipments, mostly because they can (and do) get damaged in the process. Even with the variety of methods we've used, the very best one still has chances of damages, especially the Raspberry variety. You can request Swingle shipments, but you'll have to acknowledge that you accept the chances that they may not arrive in pristine condition, and that we cannot refund you due to these damages. That being said, as we tell our retail customers in regard to our pies and Swingles, they serve well in a bowl. To inquire about a Swingle shipment, please email us here.

At this time we can't offer shipping on more than 4-pies per shipment. You can always order multiples, but be warned of the shipping costs.

You can definitely save some money on shipping by ordering more than one pie. This way, the shipping cost per-pie is reduced dramatically. Share with a friend or keep in the freezer.

Please know that we do not take any opportunity to pad your order with increases in shipping rates, nor do we profit from packaging materials. Our only income is from the pies, which is the same price as our retail walk-up customers pay. We are quite adamant about this policy. 


There are no nuts or nut-oils in our pies, in fact we forbid nuts of any kind to be in our facility.

We do offer gluten-free frozen pies (8 and 10-inch) and Swingles at our Red Hook location.

Leftovers can be frozen but please wrap or place in an air-tight container. We also sell frozen pies from our retail location in Red Hook, which have been blast-frozen to a temperature of -40 degrees, which preserves the integrity of the pies. We recommend purchasing one of our pre-frozen pies for travel purposes rather than freezing one yourself.

As with everything food related, we should be striving for freshness and authenticity. The majority of key lime pies —or key lime related anything for that matter— comes from one source, and in fact isn't made with key lime juice at all. It's cleverly packaged as "Key West Lime Juice" and even the ingredients list "Key West lime juice from concentrate" as the source of concentrate. There is no such thing as a "Key West lime. There's a good chance the product was processed and bottled in a food processing facility in Riverside, CA.

Once you cut into one? Not long at all. But seriously, if you purchase a fresh pie from our Red Hook retail shop, we'd give them at least 5-days in the fridge. If you plan on serving them at a later date, we suggest you pick one up as close to that day as possible: we're open and we bake 7-days a week.  If you plan on storing it more than a few days, pick up one of our flash-frozen pies and just put it in the fridge the day you're serving.

For the most part, anything whipped on top of a pie that lasts more than a few hours without melting into a puddle most likely reads ingredients like a science project. Our pies deserve fresh whipped cream, maybe sweetened with a little maple syrup, or in a pinch some quality canned whipped cream. Watch out for those pre-topped pies!

That depends on the time of year (ambient temperature) and handling. In the wintertime, you can keep them in transport or in your car for quite a few hours, just keep them flat: we're in a different financial stratosphere when we learn how to defy gravity. In hotter months, same rules. The filling can lose some of the qualities that hold everything together, so no jolting and no shortstopping! Just get them into the fridge ASAP and allow the pie to chill down again before serving.

Post Shipping FAQ

Unfortunately we have little recourse with FedEx in regard to offering any compensation for delayed deliveries: they always have an out and always deny claims. However, our pies will not spoil, they will only soften and lose some of their "hold togetherness" but that can be cured by getting the pie in the fridge ASAP. This will allow it to re-congeal and be cut and plated. Worse case scenario, the pie can still be served on a bowl, and it will still taste great.

If you've transferred the frozen pies into your freezer, they should keep for up to three-months. If you take the pie from freezer to fridge the night before you plan on serving.

*note: Storing in a chest freezer is always preferred.

As you noticed, our pies are shipped "naked" and do hold their own served without a topping, but we always recommend fresh whipped cream. Personally, we like to sweeten the cream with maple syrup and a drop of vanilla extract..

There are plenty of variations for a more elaborate presentation. A drizzle of raspberry puree is a nice touch along with a sprig of mint. To complete what we call "The St. Regis" treatment, add to that a fresh blackberry.  Looks amazing.

The plating possibilities are endless.

Any questions you think should be added to this pages? Just let us know.