Event Offerings and Pricing

We thank you for your inquiry about your special event. Whether it be a wedding, baby shower, corporate event, anniversary, or a beatnik shindig, we’re pleased to offer you the best in key lime excellence.

Our Classic 10-inch Pie

Our mainstay for our commercial restaurants for plating and table service as a slice, our 10-inch pie serves eight people. This requires cutting, plating, and decorating but offers your guests a traditional dessert finish to their sit-down meal.

$35 each ($4.38 per serving)

4-Inch Single Serve

Our 4-inch single-serve key lime tart is a perfect dessert for your event. Easy to plate and endless decoration and garnishing possibilities.

$50 per bulk box of ten ($5.00 per serving) usual retail price $6.00

*Wholesale account pricing available

3-inch Teaser 

Less than a proper full-dessert serving, the Teaser is great for a tasting table or if more than one dessert is offered to your guests.

$4.50 for each, bulk-packed 18 per box. Please see the following options.

  • Individually boxed, plain white: add $0.60 each
  • Customer-provided label: add $0.20 each
  • With our Steve’s Authentic sticker: add $0.55
  • Custom Ribbons (not supplied) may be added, please note, each box requires 36-inches per ribbon/color. Contact us to consult with our event coordinator.

*Wholesale pricing available

Feel free to explore your decoration options and discuss our ability to assist you in creating your own expressions. Some customers have opted for ribbons and strings, we can help with this, or you can do it yourself.