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We Welcome Your Contact

    • You can aive us a call, 718-858-5333. Leave a message after listening to the options. We will eventually get back to you.
    • Email via the form below is by far the best method to touch base, however we must make it clear: if you’re looking for an immediate reply, please lower your expectations. We’re usually good at reply times, but we are not tethered to the internet or our devices.
    • We could employ a chat-bot AI feature that would run you in circles (they’re not as smart as their creators think they are) but we’ll spare you the frustration.
    • We do not store email addresses on a database. Once you email us, that’s it. If you’d like to join our mailing list, please follow this link. We are a NO-SPAM operation, we rarely send emails and only if we have something important to say.
    • If you’re a rare-bird and would prefer to send a snail-mail, our mailing address is: Steve’s Authentic, Inc.  185 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231