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We started as a wholesale bakery and remain as such to this day. Our retail walk-in business is a small yet important part of what we do, but we take much pride in being the supplier of the best key lime pie to our commercial customers. Those commercial customers —whether restaurants or cafes, gourmet retail shops, caterers or event planners— can take satisfaction in knowing they are serving their customers (as Amanda Hesser of the NYTimes called us) “the Best Key Lime Pie, Mason-Dixon Line or No.” 

We’ve long enjoyed our relationships with our retail sellers. Since COVID-19 has made these relationships even more important, we’ve adopted even more stringent safety protocol for our staff to ensure safe handling from start to finish.  From neighborhood bodegas and one-off gourmet shops to small local chains to larger concerns like Zabars, Citarella and Union Market, we offer our pies and tarts for retail. We’re a mom and pop operation who take our customers’ seriously and work hard to keep those relationships. NY’ers know and trust our brand, we’ve earned our reputation. Contact us to see our current lineup and wholesale pricing. Please reference your establishment name and include any links to your business.

Wedding and event planners, caterers and banquet chefs alike have long enjoyed our mini-tart offerings. Our 4-inch tart is an excellent single-serve dessert and the 3-inch “teaser” works well on a tasting table. We also offer individual boxing options for the 3-inch.  You can see those options here, and established wholesale customers can expect wholesale pricing. As always, we bake and deliver fresh, never from frozen stock.

If it works, don’t fix it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

Any list of New York City’s best steakhouses will include at least a few who have one thing in common besides a great steak: they also serve Steve’s Authentic key lime pie as a perfect finish to a perfect meal. Our take? Do what you do best and leave the key lime pie up to who does it best. We invite your restaurant to contact us and we’ll drop you a sample.