The Swingle, Chocolate-Dipped Excellence

100% Key Lime Authenticity.

100% rich Callebaut  Belgian Dark Chocolate.

Thinned (for dipping) with organic cacao butter, not cheap thinning oils.

100% decadence.

 Like everything we do, our Swingles are held to the highest of standards.

Key lime excellence, chocolate-dipped.

We take our 4-inch key lime tart, freeze it on a stick and hand-dipped it in a molten pool of rich Belgian chocolate. After all, the best key lime pie deserves the best chocolate. Available in four versions including the original Classic seen above.

The Raspberry-Chocolate Swingle.

The marriage of raspberry and chocolate is nothing new, but add that to our luxurious key lime Swingle? Imagine all you want, but sinking your teeth into one of these is the only way to really know. Also available, the Raspberry-Blonde.

The La Victoria, Chipotle Puree Swingle.

Meet the heat! Not for everyone, but we tried this one for Steve’s wife, Victoria and decided to keep it on the menu. For those who like things on the spicy side, you might want to try one.

Currently available in-store only, or in bulk by special order for events. Available for shipping soon, so be sure and see our email sign-up to be on top of the list.