Pies and Tarts

Our classic 10-inch authentic key lime pie.

This is where it all started, and this is where it remains today, but even better. Our classic 10-inch key lime pie is made in a hand-formed crust using nothing more than pure butter and our proprietary recipe of house-baked Graham cracker crumbs. As always, it has 100% pure, fresh-squeezed key lime juice. It is a favorite with our food service customers and for larger gatherings. It typically serves eight.

Same Great Pie, Smaller Portion.

Not up for a 10-inch pie? Easier on the wallet and the waistline, our family-friendly eight-inch pie might be the right choice for you. Made to the same exacting standards as all of our pies. A favorite of our resellers (check availability) and always available at our  Red Hook location.

Perfect for a party of one.

Our single-serve four-inch tart is just enough to satisfy, one mouth at a time. Whether for yourself to share with a loved one or for a special occasion for a thousand, these little gems are sure to satisfy. Always fresh and available at our Red Hook location and some retailers (check for availability.) A big favorite for banquets, weddings, and special events. It’s your affair; serve what you want. For large orders, please contact our sales staff via our contact page.

The Teaser.

We also offer an even smaller version,  “The Teaser,” a three-inch mini-tart that goes well on a tasting table or where multiple desserts are being served. These are also available as party favors individually boxed with a variety of options. Please see our wholesale page (coming) for more information. Event planners and corporate customers love these.