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Here at Steve’s, we know what makes a great key lime pie. For 23 years we have devoted ourselves to recreating that timeless classic dessert for the public the very way Steve did as a young man growing up in South Florida for family and friends.


Either you are, or you aren’t. Avoid spurious, counterfeit and sham.





From our pies to our chocolate-dipped Swingles, we strive for nothing less than the best in quality ingredients.



All the Keys, to a Great Pie.

Making a great key lime pie isn’t rocket science. So why is finding an authentic key lime pie such a difficult task?

The answer is really quite simple. Too many bakeries and bakers cut corners, using a pre-made crust or bottled juice from concentrates, mechanizing every aspect of production in order to optimize the bottom line, or because a key lime pie is just another offering in a long line of products.

All the Keys to a great pie? From Soldier Key to Key West to the Dry Tortugas, there lives a spirit of individualism, integrity, and authenticity. In what we do here at Steve’s Authentic, we have All the Keys, to a Great Pie.