Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie.

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Our Classic Key Lime Pie!

Our AUTHENTIC 10" Key Lime Pie, shown here with the recommended garnish of FRESH whipped cream, but shipped naked. Our hand-formed Graham cracker crust is held together with nothing more than pure butter.

In addition to our key lime pies, we have a few other exciting things in the works, all made with FRESH SQUEEZED key lime juice, including our chocolate key lime truffle (seen below.)

Don't Use Bottled Key Lime Juice.


Bottled key lime juice from concentrate, recommended for stripping paint or removing rust, NOT IN FOOD!

(Used by the majority of pie-makers)

The source of our juice? Fresh squeezed key limes.

Listen to Steve pontificate on the importance of using FRESH ingredients.



Only Fresh Key Limes.


On the streets of Key West, I recently had a conversation with another key lime pie maker, I was complaining about the rising price of butter. "Why do you buy butter, just buy a pre-made crust!" When I spoke of the labor-intensive process of juicing fresh key limes, he croaked, "Just buy the bottled concentrated juice, it's simple!"

Our 4" Key Lime Tarts. And we have managed to accommodate the foodservice industry without altering our recipe one bit. We still make our crust in house, using 100% pure fresh butter, even our 4 1/2 inch tart and 3 inch "teaser". We still make our pies in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Banquet and catering professionals, as well as restaurant owners and chefs know that when they order from Steve's Authentic, we juice the limes, make the pies and delivered them fresh, in time for plating. We NEVER pull from frozen stock.

Not Just Pies either. Key Lime Chocolate Truffle is being made exclusively for us, you won't find them anywhere else. A rich, creamy, premium-chocolate ganaché, infused with FRESH SQUEEZED key lime juice. No oils, no concentrates. Coated in a pure, dark chocolate shell, any lover of chocolate and key lime will be amazed at the splendid melange of flavors. A perfect balance of chocolate and citrus. WOW!

(currently unavailable)

Chocolate Key Lime Truffle

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