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Here at Steve’s, we know what makes a great key lime pie. For 23 years we have devoted ourselves to recreating that timeless classic dessert for the public the very way Steve did as a young man growing up in South Florida for family and friends.

According to the American Pie Council, we are one of only two commercial bakeries in the US using fresh squeezed key lime juice {fun fact: neither are located in Florida}. Bottled juices reconstituted from concentrates and chemically preserved are fine for stripping paint or removing rust, but it doesn’t belong in a food product.

We use 5 simple ingredients. First, we make a hand formed crust using specially formulated premium graham cracker crumbs (No trans-fats, No high fructose corn syrup) blended with 100% pure butter. Our filling uses Wisconsin dairy fresh sweetened and condensed milk, cage-free egg yolks and our fresh squeezed key lime juice. Like we always say, this isn’t rocket science.

Amanda Hesser of the NY Times said ours was “The Best Key Lime Pie, Mason Dixon Line or No.”

It’s no wonder Al Roker called Steve’s Authentic “One of the Last Genuine Key Lime Pies in the US”

We Deliver

Use the link to drop us an email by clicking here. Old-fashioned phone calls work too +1 (718) 858-5333 We offer local delivery Monday-Friday. 48hrs notice is needed prior to when you’d like to take your first bite. That way we can keep our promise and have the freshest pie available for you and your loved ones.
Delivery can be arranged for special orders and events. Cost of delivery is dependent on order size, delivery distance and day of the week. Please contact us for additional information.    


  Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie Red Hook.  185 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn NY 11231 Click for the The Google map.   Driving, transit, walking directions. New York Water Ferry, a great way to reach Red Hook and a cheap boat-ride to boot. Click here for full schedule.
  Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie DeKalb Market Hall 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201  Click for the The Google map. Driving, transit, walking directions.
Retail Locations   We have a number of retail/resellers located throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island. Please keep in mind we do not control the inventory at these locations nor monitor for how they handle our product. Please check availability before going to the store, their information can be found on the linked map. As always, we recommend visiting our Red Hook or DeKalb Market Hall location as a first option. *Swingles are only available at our locations. The Google Map for retail locations.      


Email: click here  Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie 185 Van Dyke St Brooklyn NY 11231 718-858-5333